Introducing Grafieks: An open-source Analytics tool

Introducing Grafieks: An open-source Analytics tool

Grafieks enables everyone to work with data comfortably and feel confident talking about it, with minimal IT support.


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Grafieks Analytics Ltd has just released its desktop analytical tool as an open source to the public which enables students, small teams, and organizations to get better insights from their data.

Let's learn about Grafieks and how it enables you to connect with various data sources and use the available tools to create beautiful graphs and share them with your colleagues.

What is Grafieks?


Grafieks is an open-source, simple Self-Service Business Intelligence tool that allows users to quickly and easily extract meaningful insights from data. With Grafieks, line-of-business professionals can connect to data sources, build data models or write SQL queries, and build reports independently, with minimal IT support.

Why Grafieks

Businesses could use Grafieks to create, analyze, and visualize their statistics from their data. Users can easily publish meaningful graphical data to their organizations. However, for viewing published data on our cloud, you need a premium plan.

Currently, desktop and charts are open sourced under GPL v3 license. You can check the code on Github. Currently, Grafieks Desktop is available for Windows Desktop only.

Available data connectors

List of databases, files, and online storage drives that you can connect with Grafieks to analyze. For live connection, you need your data source to be hosted on a server

  1. CSV
  2. JSON
  3. Microsoft Excel
  4. RDBMS
  5. Amazon Redshift
  6. Microsoft Access
  7. MySql
  8. PostgresSQL
  9. Sqlite
  10. Snowflake
  11. Micorosft Sql Server
  12. Teradata
  13. NoSql
  14. Mongodb
  15. Cloud Storage
  16. Box
  17. Dropbox
  18. Google Drive
  19. Online Services
  20. Github Gists
  21. Google Sheets

Available charts

List of charts available that you can use to create your dashboards using the data sources mentioned above

  1. Bar Chart
    • Bar Chart
    • Grouped Bar Chart
    • Stacked Bar Chart
    • Horizontal Bar Chart
    • Horizontal Grouped Bar Chart
    • Horizontal Stacked Bar Chart
  2. Line Chart
    • Line Chart
    • Horizontal Line Chart
    • Multiple Line Chart
  3. Area Chart
    • Area Chart
    • Stacked Area Chart
  4. Pie Chart
  5. Donut Chart
  6. Radar Chart
  7. Scatter Plot
  8. Funnel
  9. Gauge
  10. Heat Map
  11. Sunburst
  12. Tree Chart
  13. Waterfall Chart
  14. Pivot
  15. Table

How is Grafieks better?

Grafieks Desktop is completely open-source (GPL 3). You can use it to create your analytics for free saving up a lot on your budget. However, Grafieks do offer premium support for its services.

It seamlessly connects with data sources and lets you build many charts that are normally not available on other BI tools or require a lot of expertise on customizations and incur huge costs. Being open-source, you can easily raise bugs, fix them or speak to the developers for a feature request.

In short, the overall features have been designed keeping in mind the latest requirements for charts in an organization along with keeping cost consideration on mind.

Few Screenshots

Data connectors screen 176872613-da4ab8cd-e515-4e51-b6fa-1bb3b857c957.png

Report designer screen

176972231-e9230eb7-c914-4b29-90d3-7998385c6802.png Dashboard designer screen



Grafieks is a simple business intelligence platform for data democratization while being completely open source. You are free to create your data analytics and save them for future analysis locally or live on the server.

Feel free to check out the code and contribute if you feel comfortable with the code. The code is written with QT5 (C++ 11), D3.js and Duckdb and available on Github for anyone to check and build on top of it. The core team constantly keeps adding new features.

Do let me know in the comments section below.